• What is the 10th WEEC about?
    All contributions (oral papers, posters, roundtables, workshops, stage performance, NGO forum) have to be consistent with the role and importance of education for environment and sustainability, or even a life-long learning on environmental practical cares in daily life at all levels.


  • Is the congress theme mandatory for my contribution?
    No, the congress theme is the recommended focus, but it is possible to treat different issues not regarding specifically environmental education in urban and rural areas.


  • Do you have some information about the WEEC program?
    If you wish to receive information on the WEEC program, please register on the congress website. In this way you will receive our Newsletter!


  • How many abstracts can I submit?
    Each participant is limited to a maximum of two proposals (among oral papers, posters, roundtables, workshops, stage performance, NGO forum) as first author. Depending on the space available, the Program Committee may accept a third proposal for some participants. However, there are no limits if you appear in other abstracts as second or third author.


  • What is the allowed length for abstracts?
    Abstracts cannot exceed 600 characters, including spaces. Fields “author”, “title” and “keywords” are not included in the 600 characters count.


  • How do I join or participate to the 10th WEEC?
    First you have to register on the web site by going to menu; “Registration”, click on drop-down menu of  “Register Now” and fill with your personal details or with those of the organization you represent in order to record your data and automatically go to the payment system information for you to understand, and there is the button at the end of the page for you to click to go for making a payment to complete your registration.


  • It’s not mandatory to participate as a speaker, you can join the Congress also as audience (the fee registration does not change “Fee scheme table”).


  • Thus, the registration and abstract submission is separated into 2 menus on the website.


  • For submitting the abstract, you can go to another menu in the website; "Call for paper". It will show you the drop-down menus which you can read instruction. Then you can create account or login to your account where providing your dashboard for you to upload the abstract.


  • I registered to the Congress but there is a problem in my Registration. How can I do to change some information in my profile?
    When you create an account you can also change the information of your profile. In order to do that you have to login with user and password.


  • If you want to change something about your abstract, you have to save it like “draft”: so you can make changes on your work. Once submitted you could not do that, but you can write at 10thweec@gmail.com with details of any revisions or queries.


  • How can I know how much I do have to pay in terms of registration fees?
    The registration fees to be paid for the 10th WEEC vary according to your country of residence. Countries have been classified in the “Fee Scheme Table”.


  • To submit a proposal, do I need to register first? For registration, are all participants expected to pay the fees? Or are presenters/facilitators not expected to pay any fees?
    All participants, including presenters are expected to pay the registration fees.


  • You need to create your account to upload your abstract on "Call for paper" menu. You can pay the registration fees later on "Registration" menu. The payment of registration fees is needed to present your oral papers, posters, roundtables, workshops, stage performance or NGO forum.


  • How much is the registration fee for members of NGO?
    Different registration fees are foreseen for the participation in the congress. You can you can find them at this page of our website; https://weec2019.org/fee-scheme-table/


  • How can I benefit from Early Bird rates?
    To benefit from Early Bird rates please send your abstract by 30th April 2019. In this way, even if the approval by the Scientific Committee should arrive later, you will benefit from early bird rates.


  • Do you have Reduction for groups?
    Please email to inform us to 10thweec@gmail.com


  • I am under 27 years old but I am not a student, is that I am entitled to the same reduction?
    Yes, all participants up to the age of 27 are entitled to a reduction in registration fees.


  • I am a student but I passed the age of 27: am I entitled to a reduced fee?
    Yes, all students are entitled to pay a reduced fee, even if they have passed the age of 27 provided that they prove their student status, providing us with a scanned copy of your student identification card or, in the case of PhD students, a letter of your university department.




  • Does the congress will produce proceedings, book or other format of publication?
    Proceedings containing final papers presented during the Congress will be produced from the manuscripts received from authors and will be published on the congress website.