Payment Method and Instruction

Payment Method & Instruction

There are 2 payment ways for WEEC2019 congress registration fee.


1st : By Credit Card via kasikorn bank payment gateway


2nd : By Bank Transfer


Registrant can select only 1 way to proceed his or her payment each time of order.


The registrant has to press on the picture of product, to go for next process, as show step by step in the following pictures;


How to select choices at each box; Duration / Origin & Age / Other Functions?

Answer: You just select the same as you registered in the registration system.


For example, you registered full conference, you are international adult and you have no need to select any other function then select no addition because this one is full package.
Then the price will be shown up with all tax and other charges included in THAI BAHT.


If you registered as 3 days, you are adult from LDCs country, you need to select 3-Day, Local/LDCs adult and for other function, you can select to add on or not addition depending on your desire. Then the price will be shown up with all tax and other charges included in THAI BAHT.


After your choice selection is done, you can press Add to card button for next step.


Remark: If the price is not shown, it means you have to consider that you have do something wrong. Then please re-do it again.


After you have done 3rd step, it will bring you to the step of payment method that you can select between Direct bank transfer and Kasikorn Payment Gateway (credit or debit card)


When you press Place to order button, you will automatically get the email with the invoice document.


Then, go next step by select method you want. (see 5th step and onward.).


Anyway, to make sure that you have paid us with correct amount, please shown evidence of payment by uploading on page of Upload evidence of payment or send attached file via email to


Any problem found, please feel free to contact