The abstract is required with no exceed 600 words count long

Official Language is English

Presentation Format

Oral papers

A 15-minute oral presentation highlights the main themes of the research, viewpoint, or educational project. Four presentations will be grouped by sub-themes in a 90-minute session. A 30-minute interactive period of discussion will follow the presentations.

Note: A power point projector will be available.


Poster presentation

A poster presentation highlights the main themes of the research study or educational project. Posters will be grouped by themes and sub-themes and will be presented in an exhibition hall for the duration of the Congress. Two specific sessions will allow author(s) to present their posters and interact with other Congress participants.

This presentation also includes all kinds of visual art and visual with audio such as craft, 2D art, 3D art, music, music vdo, short fiction, novel, poet and etc.

Note: Instructions concerning the poster’s format and logistics will be provided to presenters when proposals are accepted.


Round table papers

Round table paper sessions provide an excellent opportunity for interactive presentation styles through an extended 40-minute session.  These sessions can provide more intimate opportunities to share work and to get to know other Congress participants. Individual presenters are assigned to numbered tables in rooms where interested participants may gather for discussion with the presenter about his/her paper or project. This format is particularly appropriate for presentations addressing topics best pursued through extensive discussion. To increase attendance at round table sessions, and to make them more dynamic, we are not planning to host parallel oral presentations. These discussions will be held in English, French, Spanish, Thai, Chinese or Japanese.

Note: The will be no power point projectors for this type of presentation. Paper Submission is not required!



90-minute workshop sessions are organized by a team of facilitators responsible for the content and the dynamics of the activity. Participants will be invited to explore an issue, contribute to the construction of a collective project, experiment with a pedagogical strategy, or carry out other collective tasks. A brief overview of the issue and objectives will be presented, after which the major part of the workshop will be devoted to interactive discussion to enable participants to bring their contributions to the table.

Note: Only a limited number of workshops will be accepted by the Program Committee. Paper Submission is not required!


Stage Performance

A slot of time for each presenter to present their performance, such as live song/music, role play or any performance that presents in any theme of WEEC2019.

Note: Only a limited number of Stage Performance will be accepted by the Program Committee. Paper Submission is not required!


NGO forum

In this forum, NGOs will present their programs, projects, and productions. A space with a table will be offered to each NGO, where presenters will interact with Congress participants.

Note: This forum is not for selling of products or services as this type of activity is reserved for the Exhibit hall.

Note: The will be no electric facilities for this type of presentation. Paper Submission is not required!